September 07 Meet

Blog'a'lorean's Meet, September 07

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Time for us to meet again.


Dates: 8th September 2007, 11am (Decided as per poll below)



Agenda: Not hanging. It's decided and is as follows. 


During the last meet in July we were contacted by students of National Law School, Bangalore who are also member of the Law and Society Committee there, run by students.  As part of their activity this society have started several study circles, discussion groups etc. They are hoping to take this further by starting a blog site and this is where we Blog'a'loreans come in. 


Our agenda in this meet is to design a blogging workshop for NLS students in terms of Content, Resource Persons, Duration etc.


We are also hoping some of the students from NLS would join us at the meeting so that we'd better know what is the level of understanding that they already have and what more they'd wanna know.



Venue: Our fav Brew ha ha  




But first up lets decide the date. Votes open till Wednesday Evening. 


1) I want the meet to be only on 1st Sept:


  1. Vaibhav Pandey
  2. Rejji Nair



2) I want the meet to be only on 8st Sept:



  1. 100rabh
  2. Snigdha
  3. Dhempe
  4. TheCruisemaniac (Wings parasailing event happening on 30th, 31st Aug and 1st Sep!!!!)
  5. Adheeth - justascrap
  6. Jerry
  7.  Comrade Chakra


3) I am comfortable with both both dates:


  1. Sanjukta Basu
  2. Prateek Dayal
  3. Sukumar
  4. Ramjee Ganti
  5. balachandar

    6. kpowerinfinity

    7. Anand Bora

    8. Himanshu Sheth

    9. Prashanth HN




Join the Mailing list: We have a google group up now so that all of us can be in the common loop.

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