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"If you want something you never had,

Do something you have never done before"

Name: Sridhar Rao

Home Address: Internet 

Blog: http://srinix.wordpress.com

Contact:  +91-9886650312


Abt Website: Web 2.0 & Ajax Code Blog

Personal Note:  A Web 2.0 blog dedicated to AJAX 

based design and my learning to be an Entrepreneur



"Marketing - Arrest human intelligence!" 

Name: Piyush Gupta

Home Address: Koramangla 4th Block

Contact: +91-9886748780


Blog: http://gpiyush.blogspot.com



Website: http://gpiyush.googlepages.com

Personal Note: Techie by profession, chose writing

to release energy & find a creative medium.


" There is always neXt "

Name: Jothi vel moorthi.AC

Contact: +91-9945662468


Blog: http://jovemac.blogspot.com

Personal Note: Techie whoz into Business development and Client relationship.


" Silence is a big statement "

Name: Saurabh Minni


Blog: http://the100rabh.blogspot.com

Personal Node: A Techie who tries to analyze a lot of things and come up with some weird inferences. And a true BE (Bad at English).


" Improvising Versatility"

Name: Anand Bora


Blog: http://anandbora.blogspot.com

Artworks: http://anandborarnc.googlepages.com


Personal Note: Too difficult for me to describe myself. I guess I have a well developed left and right brain.

"I do what I love, I love what I do.. its recursive"


Name:      Rupesh Mandal

Contact:   Address, Mobile

Blog:        fundubytes.blogspot.com - Personal Musings, Technology, Internet, Blogging, Mobile Phones, Softwares, Googling, Orkut, Movies, Music, Television .etc.


Living Life.. And Enjoying it


Name:      AJ

Contact:   anantj-at-gmail-dot-com, http://pownce.com/AJ/

Blog: Living Life - Reading, playing Pool, riding my bike..


"It's never too Late, Live Your Life"

Name: Ramjee Ganti

Contact: ganti.r@gmail.com

Blog: zLesa: http://sodidi.blogspot.com (so-did-i).

Personal Note: A scanner! Loves challenges, Coffee and my Life.

Private Note: "Contact me on the above mail id !"

Dont take the path which everyone take, instead take a different one and leave a trial

Name: Harinath Pudipeddi

Contact: hpudipeddi at hotmail dot com

Blog: http://harinath.softrel.org - Personal Site

         http://SocietyForward.blogspot.com - My Passion

         http://harisays.blogspot.com - My other interests

         http://ScorpioSaga.blogspot.com - My driving experiences

Personal Not: Technology, Gizmo, Photography and Driving freek...live live kingsize being the motive :)

"I am what I am and that's what I am"


Name: Kishore

Contact: gkicha[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog: Personal Blog - http://dayswork.wordpress.com

         Biz/Tech Editor at Desicritics - http://desicritics.org

Personal Note: Techie by profession, Writer by passion.


Do what you feel is right and stick to it


Name: Vikas Sah

Contact: vikassah[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog: Technacular - http://www.technacular.com

          Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing / SEO / Branding

Personal Note: Technically inclined



"Finding out - not knowledge is the spring that makes life fascinating."


Name: Remain Connected

Contact: behera[dot]tanay[at]gmail[dot]com

Blog: Personal Blog - http://remainconnected.blogspot.com/

      Often scribble at Desicritics - http://desicritics.org

Personal Note: Application Architect by profession, Blog-o-holic, Shutter Bug by passion, To travel anywhere to everywhere.



Name: Thejesh GN

Web: http://www.thejeshgn.com  

Contact: i @ above dot com

Blog: http://www.eventsbangalore.net


I believe there is some to learn from every single person on the planet.

Name: Arun Ramarathnam

Contact: arunram25 at gmail dot com

Blog: http://www.arunram.net - Web site

         http://bangaloreview.blogspot.com - Photoblog

         http://arunramtogo.wordpress.com - Moblog

         http://arunram.wordpress.com - Blog

Personal Note: IT professional IT professional and Technology enthusiast. Likes travel, gadgets and meeting people.





"Serving my time at Earth,

I believe in teamwork, there are no Howard Roark's in the world"

Name: Syed Nazir Razik

Home Address: Internet 

Blog: http://orione.wordpress.com

Contact:  +91-9884208327


Abt Website: Entrepruneurship and The knowledge Foundation activities Blog

Personal Note:  A serial Entrepreneur and Project management professional  behind Filecrunch, Fuentesystems , Fashioniq and Ciraka. Also a blog dedicated to my rants